Safety is key to our concept. Safety first, pleasure after!

All our routes are chosen by an experienced guide and follow cycle paths, or those adapted to cycling.

Still, the Highway Code should be respected in the same way as it would were you driving a car:

  • I must stop at a red traffic light… and at a Stop sign.
  • I must give way when asked to do so
  • I must give way to oncoming traffic from the right
  • I must indicate with my arm if I am turning left or right
  • I must stay in single file and not overtake when cycling
  • I must cycle at a reasonable speed
  • – I must concentrate on what I'm doing

Bordeaux Bike Tour guarantees your bikes will be serviced regularly by professionals for maximum safety:
brakes serviced and kept in mint condition to avoid any danger.
Your guide will talk you though the safety regulations to respect before starting a tour.
If someone doesn't respect one of these rules during the visit, the guide will reserve the right to ask him/her to get off the bike and leave the group. This person will not be reimbursed and will miss out on this experience.