The Project

Our team is made up of 3 people with a passion for Bordeaux. In September 2015, the wake-up bell rang. It was time to confess: We love Bordeaux.

Stage 1 : Why are we here. Bordeaux has opened its arms to cyclists, and how! It’s such a joy to let the wind blow through your hair as you explore the wide avenues and thin streets from another era. Once bitten, forever smitten they say, and we want to do one thing with our love for Bordeaux: Share it!

Stage 2 : Making it real. … which obviously includes all the admin, paperwork and forms, but also brings us back to reality: Why us? And to see what, exactly?

“Why us” is an easy one. Three seasoned travelers, who’ve covered the streets of Manila, Athens, Buenos Aires… who’ve decided to settle up in Bordeaux. It sounds pretty obvious.

A good experience, for both of us, of the other face of tourism , the professional one , helps again to build the project.

And so, we drew up four unique tours, inspired by places which enchant us, both for their landscapes as well as their accessibility by bike. We also want to ensure local businesses are included in our activity so we have designed our tours with that in mind, from the discovery of selected local wines and the promise of a tasty and convivial meal break. Later, a fifth tour came to life, which makes you
the hero of your very own personalized tour of Bordeaux.

For the rest, it’s about details. Details which have got us where we are today: In front of you, to help you discover the delights of Bordeaux: All that’s left for you is to enjoy.